Details Make the Bosquet X Les Ensembliers Outdoor Collection

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Like so many relationships have started, Bosquet and Les Ensembliers met online. A mutual admiration brought the two brands, a renowned design and architecture firm and a high-end furniture creator, together to create the Bosquet X Les Ensembliers Outdoor Collection. Seemingly on the same page aesthetically, the initial concept for the furniture came from the idea of a large space that invites people to relax, breathe the fresh air, and enjoy special moments. Then came scribbles, sketches, an idea, and the details of bringing it to life.

“I love pure and unadorned spaces that leave room for the view in a large garden, a terrace, or even on the coast. I love sleek and voluminous furniture that inspires true relaxation,” said Richard Ouellette, Les Ensembliers.

The Bosquet X Les Ensembliers Outdoor Collection is inspired by the cool, experimental vibe that California was known for in the 60s and the lavishness of yacht life. Seemingly two different aesthetic poles, the collection instead exudes balance through sleek, minimal luxury and comfort. Carefully chosen materials, quality, durability, and simplicity of design carry it further still.

Fabrics used in the outdoor collection come from renowned fine weavers, providing two colorways – plaza beige and chestnut – that don’t distract from the Spanish cedar. Chosen for its natural grain patterns and resistance to moisture, the cedar wood offers a timeless look to the furniture. The base of each piece is made with powder-coated aluminum to provide a sturdy foundation. Meanwhile, the cord used adds an artisanal touch while also serving to tie back cushions.

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